You work hard for your money; let your money work hard for you. Become a smart real estate investor by visiting the Philippine Property Fair's nationwide Road Shows and attending the round the clock seminars.

18 June 2016 - Auckland, Westlake Boys High School Auditorium, Forrest Hill. Free Seminars.

Session 1: 12pm-1:30pm and Session 2: 4pm-5:30pm. Booking not necessary. Property Expo: 12pm-10pm.

2 July 2016 - Wellington. Free Seminars: 12pm-1pm and 2pm-3pm. Expo from 11:00am – 3pm.

9 July 2016 - Hamilton. Email: Free Seminars: 12pm-1pm and 2pm-3pm. Expo from 11:00am – 3pm.

* For venue details and seminar bookings in Wellington and Hamilton, please email: or txt: 027 495 8477.

Property Expo – Meet the Developers face-to-face.
Free Seminars – How to buy the right property; how to manage it.
Show Promos – Exclusively for Show Visitors.
Gifts Galore – Register to attend and be in the Lucky Draw.
Door Prize – Register to win the Super Major Prize for a lucky visitor.
Free Entry – Register and receive pre/post-event information.

NZ PROPERTY PRICES SPIRAL: At the moment real estate riches can be made if you are willing to look further afield. Many investors think that it's a smart move to buy property in the Philippines ­ while it's still affordable.

HOME SWEET HOME: Why is the Philippines property market the obvious choice? Plentiful supply is one of the reasons - new housing developments are sprouting up over there at a rapid pace. Over the last five years numerous Filipino-Kiwis have profited from buying high quality condos and affordable houses back home.

UNDER ONE ROOF: Meet the leading Philippine property developers in one venue close to home. The bigger and better Philippine Property Road Show 2016 is coming to a town near you. Don't miss it, friends!

HALO HALO NZ: Get firsthand information from the developers face-to-face. There is no better way to purchase property in the Philippines; short of hopping on the plane and going to the Philippines. At the Property Road Show you can connect with the marketing teams of the developers. You ask the questions. Do the sums (get competitive financing estimates). And compare from a wide selection of real estate projects ­ from luxury condos and residential homes to regional developments. Finally, make a smart decision based on the wealth of information and insights you gather at the Property Show and Seminars. Way to go!

REGISTER TO ATTEND: Reserve your place at one of the many seminars to be held in New Zealand. Attendance at the Expo and Seminars is free of charge. Plus, when you register we will send you Pre and Post Event Information. Enter your name for the Lucky Draws. And you get a free subscription to Filipino Migrant News' quarterly 'Guide to Property Investment in the Philippines' to keep you up to date on developments in the property landscape. Friends, don't hesitate to direct any enquiries to us.