Our team has wide experience (over 30 years) in publishing newspapers, magazines and directories, as well as organising exhibitions, seminars and conferences in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

In New Zealand we are the largest migrant publisher (five publications and an internet based directory in our stable) and the most experienced ethnic event organiser in New Zealand for over 23 years ­ we have organised over 121 exhibitions, conferences, seminars, festivals, awards ceremonies and networking events.

The nationwide Philippine Property Road Show is one of our most prestigious events. We have brought some of the big names in Philippines property development and real estate ­ Megaworld, Avida, Ayala Land, Century Properties, Camella Homes, Vista Land and SMDC, to name just a few - to New Zealand. This year the exhibitor list features many more high-profile companies from the Philippines.

WWW.FILIPINONEWS.NZ: Filipino Migrant News is New Zealand's leading newspaper for Filipino migrants. We also publish: Pinoy NZ Life Christchurch. Pinoy NZ Life Wellington. And the Pinoy NZ Life Directory (the only nationwide website based Filipino products and services directory).

We organise the following Filipino events in New Zealand:

Philippine Property Road Show

13th Halo Halo NZ WWW.HALOHALO.NZ (Filipino products and services expo)

Filipino Migrant News Cultural Pageantry WWW.MAGINOOATBINIBINI.NZ

2nd Filipino-Kiwi Hero Awards – http://tinyurl.com/qevu4fe